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Having an incomplete smile can be frustrating and, at times, embarrassing. At Thanksgiving Point Dental in Lehi, Utah, we understand the detrimental struggles of missing teeth and offer several procedures to help your smile. If you have been on the search for “All-on-4 dental implants near me,” Thanksgiving Point Dental is the place to go. At our office, we are devoted to ensuring the best care for each patient. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, guaranteeing high-quality care for everyone in our office. With All-on-4s, you can replace missing teeth and restore your smile! It is an ideal procedure for those with multiple missing teeth or who want to avoid dentures. 

In this blog post, we will discuss what to expect before, during, and after the All-on-4s procedure so that you can be well-prepared and confident.

The Pre-Surgery Process

Before undergoing All-on-4s surgery, Dr. Brandon J. Valgardson or Dr. John Armstrong will assess the condition of your teeth and gums to determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. They will also take x-rays and impressions to create a custom treatment plan for you.

It is important to note that getting the All-on-4s procedure is generally less invasive and less time-consuming than other implant procedures. Nevertheless, you might need to undergo additional procedures, such as bone grafting, to enhance your chances of success. You might also have to stop taking blood-thinning medications before the surgery.

The Day of the Surgery

On the day of the surgery, you’ll arrive at the clinic early for pre-surgery preparations. Dr. Brandon J. Valgardson or Dr. John Armstrong will administer local anesthesia to ensure you are comfortable during the surgery. Afterward, incisions will be made in your jawbone to create a stable base for attaching the implants. Four implants will be strategically placed in your jawbone to secure the denture.

The entire process takes about 3-4 hours to complete, and you’ll be sedated throughout the procedure. Once the implants are in place, your dentist will affix a temporary denture to your mouth before sending you home to rest. After a few months of healing, you’ll have a permanent denture customized for your mouth.

Post-Surgery Recovery

After the surgery, Dr. Brandon J. Valgardson or Dr. John Armstrong will prescribe pain medication to alleviate any discomfort you may initially feel. You’ll be advised to avoid solid foods and hot beverages until the surgical area fully recovers, generally taking about six months. During this time, you’ll have to be mindful of your oral hygiene by following proper procedures, including: 

Keep Your Implants Clean

Establishing and maintaining a meticulous dental hygiene routine is paramount for the overall health and longevity of All-on-4 dental implants. Consistency in oral care practices significantly contributes to the success of the implant-supported prosthesis and ensures the well-being of both the implants and natural teeth. It is imperative to adhere to a disciplined brushing regimen, aiming for at least twice a day. Utilize a soft-bristled toothbrush paired with a non-abrasive or low-abrasive toothpaste to gently and effectively clean the teeth and the gum line. 

Employing a delicate brushing technique is essential to remove plaque and debris without causing any harm to the implant-supported restoration. Flossing around implants can present challenges, but it remains a crucial component of oral hygiene. Incorporating a floss threader into your routine facilitates navigating between implants, removing trapped particles, and promoting optimal gum health. The commitment to these oral care practices and regular check-ups with your dentist form the foundation for a healthy oral environment and the lasting success of your All-on-4 dental implants.

Visit Dr. Brandon J. Valgardson or Dr. John Armstrong Regularly

Regular dental check-ups are fundamental to maintaining your dental implants’ optimal functionality and longevity. Dr. Valgardson or Dr. Armstrong will conduct a thorough routine examination to ensure the implants perform as expected. We will clean the implants during this visit, eliminating accumulated plaque and tartar buildup. This cleaning process is essential for aesthetic reasons and to prevent potential complications from untreated plaque. 

Additionally, Dr. Valgardson or Dr. Armstrong will meticulously inspect the attachment of your denture to ascertain its secure positioning. This careful examination ensures that your prosthetic is firmly in place, minimizing the risk of displacement and contributing to the overall stability of your dental implants. This comprehensive approach to routine check-ups underscores the significance of professional oversight in preserving the health and functionality of your implants, providing you with peace of mind and long-term oral well-being.

Avoid Hard and Sticky Foods

It is paramount to exercise caution about dietary choices to safeguard the integrity and longevity of your dental implants. Foods with hard and sticky textures, including candies, chewy meats, and popcorn, pose potential risks to the stability of the implants. These items may exert excessive pressure or cause undue stress on the implant-supported prosthesis, potentially leading to damage or dislodgement. Consequently, it is imperative to abstain from consuming such foods or, when possible, limit their intake. By adhering to these dietary precautions, individuals with dental implants can proactively mitigate the risk of compromising the structural integrity of the prosthetic and promote the long-term success of their implant-supported restoration.

Use a Soft-Bristled Toothbrush

Employing a delicate and gentle approach when brushing your dental implants is crucial to maintaining their integrity and safeguarding the health of your gums. Opt for a soft-bristled brush to reduce the risk of causing damage to both the surrounding gum tissues and the implant surface. Excessive pressure during brushing can wear down the surface of your natural teeth, potentially leading to the exposure of the implants. 

Therefore, it is paramount to avoid applying too much force while brushing, as this can compromise the structural stability of the implants. By adopting a gentle brushing technique, you protect your implants and contribute to the overall longevity of your oral health, ensuring a sustainable and secure foundation for your implant-supported restoration.

Don’t Smoke

The detrimental impact of smoking extends beyond general health concerns to encompass potential risks for the longevity and success of dental implants. Engaging in smoking poses a significant threat to the health of your implants, increasing the likelihood of complications such as implant failure, infections, and the onset of gum disease. The chemicals present in tobacco can impede the natural healing process following implant placement and compromise the integration of the implant with the jawbone. 

Moreover, smoking is known to contribute to a compromised immune response, making individuals more susceptible to infections around the implant site. In light of these potential complications, we strongly advise abstaining from smoking to preserve the life and functionality of your implants. By avoiding smoking, you not only enhance the prospects of successful implant outcomes but also contribute to the overall well-being of your oral health.

All-on-4 Dental Implants Near Me

Getting All-on-4s is a great way to regain your oral health and self-confidence, and the process is generally quick and efficient. By following the pre-surgery process, taking care of your implant during recovery, and attending follow-up appointments, you’ll be able to enjoy your new teeth for years to come! Don’t let fear stop you from achieving your dream smile; schedule a consultation with Dr. Brandon J. Valgardson or Dr. John Armstrong today, and find out if the All-on-4s procedure is right for you!